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Welcome to Lean World Class Business

This site is dedicated to making your business better.  In the process I will also attempt to make this site better.  I will continue to update the contents of the site and the looks of the site to better provide you with tools to become a Lean World Class Business.  My objective is to provide as much information to you as possible.  This blog is not supposed to be a ‘be all and end all’ of Lean Thinking; rather, I want to disseminate as much thought provoking information to everyone as possible.

First of all, ‘Who am I’ and ‘What is Lean World Class Business’?

I am Greg Hershman, a retired manufacturing executive who is passionate about America and getting people to buy American Made Products.  In order to preserve American made products and American jobs, it is imperative that we manufacture these items in the most efficient manner possible.  A major way to do this is to adapt Lean Manufacturing methods; but improvements cannot stop at simply the manufacturing of products.

In America, we need to improve in everything we do; reduce waste everywhere we can, improve customer service; reduce all costs.  This applies not just on the factory floor but throughout your entire company.  In this Website I will delineate what World Class Business and Lean are, what is required from you to get everything working for you, and what results you might expect. This is not limited to Lean Concepts: World Class Business requires that you use every idea available. I will talk about a lot of them. In business, you are either moving ahead or falling behind! There is no ‘standing still’.

Coach Vince Lombardi made the Green Bay Packers a world class football team by first concentrating on the basics. The team had to have the basics honed to a razor’s edge before Coach Lombardi would work his team on fancy plays and other tactics. I ask you to do the same to become a Lean World Class Business: Develop the Basics.  For Lean, the basics include adopting the 14 Points of Dr. Deming then getting the shop clean, getting everyone into some Lean training, and setting the business up for small quantity production runs.  You must understand and be enthusiastic about new ideas in business. Then take these ideas and concepts to the entire workplace and get your entire team working towards a common goal.

The journey is not an easy one and it will require hard work for you and your workers. Additionally, you may very well need to adjust the way you perceive your company, product, employees and other things. The rewards, however, will be more than worth it. Many companies find extraordinary improvements in their operations:

WIP Down 75%

Inventory Turns Up from 4 turns per year to 45 turns.

On-Time Deliveries Near 100%

Throughput Times Down 90%

Raw Materials Inventory Down 90%

Product Quality Above 99%

If these and other savings could help your company, please read on.

As you hear about companies which have implemented Lean, 6 Sigma, Total Quality Management and other concepts for business improvement, you will find that there are successes and failures. Without exception, the successes are achieved by companies whose top managers are totally committed to the process. Those which fail have top management that doesn’t have total commitment or give the process the necessary time that is required.

Through this site I will present ideas and methods for changing your company into a Lean World Class Business.  It is not an easy process; it is not a quick process.  But, every penny you put into this change will bring you many dollars of rewards; to you, to your company, to your employees, and to your customers.

Welcome aboard,


Listed at the top of this site are the main subject areas (plus Home and Contact me).  Each area will present you with different ideas, concepts, tools, and ways to become a Lean World Class Business.  There is some general background information plus some specific topics.  None of the topics should be considered the ultimate word; rather, each section will give you the basics but you need to study the topic in more depth. I will continue to add more information, ideas, thoughts, and examples. All of these topics will help improve your business to a greater or lesser degree but all are important. The topic ‘Basics to Lean World Class Business’ is of primary importance in becoming a Lean World Class Business and should be reviewed first.